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Gift of Blue Information


Gift of Blue

All FFA members need an FFA jacket for official dress. Official dress is required at Tri-Club, FFA contests, and certain trips we will take. 
The National FFA provides a free way to receive a free jacket if you are in a financial burden. Below in bold is what I need emailed via google doc or word document to Rheiser@springisd.org or Heiland@springisd.org along with your jacket size. Use the Jacket Sizing Guide to aid you in choosing the correct size. There is no promise that you will get chosen but a very good chance if you submit the information early.

 Jacket Sizing Guide

Gift of Blue Video Overview

Please tell us why this member should receive a jacket from the Give the Gift of Blue program. Keep in mind that this program was designed to gift jackets to members that would not otherwise be able to afford one on their own. Minimum of 250 words, and maximum of 500 words. Save frequently to prevent session from timing out and loss of data – or – copy and paste from a saved Word document.


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