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October Registration Information

Attached please find required paperwork to be turned in at Registration on Wednesday, October 6th, 6-7 PM at Nagy Pavilion, 24037 Hardy Road – in the arts and crafts room:

If you choose to register online you do not have to attend the in-person registration UNLESS you have a steer or breeding rabbits. 

·        Registration Form (the registration fee is already added to the cost of the lamb, goats, and pigs)

·        Student/Parent Acknowledgement/Photo Release

·        Form W-9

·        New Buyer Form (must be a new buyer not a buyer previously invited to the show – no family members please)

·        Ad Form (recommended to turn in but not required until January 20th – Any artwork must be included or will not be accepted.  Ad should be “camera ready.”)  Checks will only be accepted for Ads


All forms should be COMPLETE


Payment Options:  Cash, Money Order or Credit Card (service fee assessed) – No Checks


All forms will be available on the Tri-Club website as well. 


October Registration includes:

Purchase and register lambs, goats, and pigs.

Order and Register Broilers  

Order and Register Fryer Rabbits

Register Turkeys  *Previously ordered through Majors*

Tattoo and Register Breeding Rabbits – must be brought to Nagy Pavilion to be tattooed (or current Spring Tri-Club tattoo verified) - then finalize registration paperwork with tattoo numbers

Tag and Register Steers – must be brought to Nagy to be weighed, tagged and photo taken – then finalize registration paperwork with tag number


Please note:

A parent must attend either a Spring Tri-Club meeting, (if you haven't already the next meeting is October 4th), or the New Parent Day on Saturday, October 2nd in order for a student to register for any projects included in October Registration.

Students should enter the gate closest to the concession stand area.  Mr. Turner will have a table set up to check the breeding rabbits.

Steer Registration:  For the safety of everyone, once each steer is tagged/weighed please leave the area.   No one should be in the steer area except steer exhibitors. 

Masks must be worn when at registration and we will limit the number of people in the area at a time.  



October Registration Forms Hanna Eiland 9/20/2021 332 KB



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