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Officer Responsibilites
Chapter officers serve a vital function in FFA. By taking a major leadership role, these students grow from the experience and benefit the chapter. It should be the officers' goal to lead by example and encourage other members to participate in chapter activities. The following are general duties expected of all officers.
  • A genuine desire to be a part of a leadership team.
  • A willingness to accept responsibility.
  • A sincere desire to work with all chapter members in meeting their leadership, personal and chapter goals.
  • A commitment to lead by example.
  • A knowledge and understanding of the chapter, state and national FFA constitutions, bylaws and programs.
  • A working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
  • An ability to memorize the official ceremonies.
President: Stationed by the rising sun
"The rising sun is the token of a new era in agriculture. If we will follow the leadership of our president, we shall be led out of the darkness of selfishness and into the glorious sunlight of brotherhood and cooperation."

1.     Preside over meetings according to accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.
2.     Appoint committees and serve on them as an ex-officio (non-voting) member.
3.     Coordinate the activities of the chapter and evaluate the progress of each division of the Program of Activities.
4.     Represent the chapter in public relations and official functions.

Vice President: Stationed by the plow
"The plow is the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil. Without labor, neither knowledge nor wisdom can accomplish much. My duties require me to assist at all times in directing the work of our organization. I preside over meetings in the absence of our president, whose place is beneath the rising sun."

1.     Assume all duties of the president if necessary.
2.     Coordinate all committee work.
3.     Work closely with the president and advisor to assess progress toward meeting chapter goals.
4.     Establish and maintain a chapter resource file.

Secretary: Stationed by the ear of corn.
"I keep an accurate record of all meetings and correspond with other secretaries wherever corn is grown and FFA members meet."

1.     Prepare and post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
2.     Prepare and present the minutes of each chapter meeting.
3.     Place all committee reports in the designated area
4.     Be responsible for chapter correspondence.
5.     Maintain member attendance and activity records and issue membership cards.
6.     Have on hand for each meeting:
        a.     Official FFA Chapter Secretary's Book including minutes of the previous meeting.
        b.     Copy of the Program of Activities including all standing and special committees.
        c.     Official FFA Manual and the National FFA Student Handbook.
        d.     Copies of the chapter constitution and bylaws
7.     Submit a Chapter Secretary’s Book for competition

Treasurer: Stationed at the emblem of Washington.
"I keep a record of receipts and disbursements just as Washington kept his farm accounts-carefully and accurately. I encourage thrift among the members and strive to build up our financial standing through savings and investments. George Washington was better able to serve his country because he was financially independent."

1.     Receive, record and deposit FFA funds and issue receipts.
2.     Present monthly treasurer's reports at chapter meetings.
3.     Collect dues and special assessments.
4.     Maintain a neat and accurate FFA Chapter Treasurer book or the computer software.
5.     Prepare and submit the membership roster and dues to the National FFA Organization in cooperation with the secretary.
6.     Serve as chairperson of the Financial committee.
7.     Submit a Chapter Treasurer’s Book for Competition.

Reporter: Stationed by the flag.
"As the flag covers the United States of America, so I strive to inform the people in order that every man, woman and child may know that the FFA is a national organization that reaches from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico and from the state of Maine to Hawaii."

1.     Plan public information programs with local radio, television, newspaper and service clubs and make use of other opportunities to tell the FFA story.
2.     Release news and information to local and regional news media.
3.     Publish a chapter newsletter or website.
4.     Prepare and maintain a chapter scrapbook.
5.     Send local stories to area, district and state reporters.
6.     Send articles and photographs to FFA New Horizons and other national and/or regional publications.
7.     Work with local media on radio and television appearances and FFA news.
8.     Serve as the chapter photographer.
9.     Serve as POA Public Relations Chairperson.

Sentinel: Stationed by the door.
"Through this door pass many friends of the FFA. It is my duty to see that the door is open to our friends at all times and that they are welcome. I care for the meeting room and paraphernalia. I strive to keep the room comfortable and assist the president in maintaining order."

1.     Assist the president in maintaining order.
2.     Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.
3.     Welcome guests and visitors.
4.     Keep the meeting room comfortable.
5.     Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies.
6.     Assist with special features and refreshments.

Advisor: Stationed by the owl
"The owl is a time-honored emblem of knowledge and wisdom. Being older than the rest of you, I am asked to advise you from time to time, as the need arises. I hope that my advice will always be based on true knowledge and ripened with wisdom."

1.     Supervise chapter activities year-round.
2.     Inform prospective students and parents about the FFA.
3.     Instruct students in leadership and personal development.
4.     Build school and community support for the program.
5.     Encourage involvement of all chapter members in activities.
6.     Prepare students for involvement in contests and leadership programs.

“It is my obligation to know and share information about parliamentary law and assist members in proper meeting procedure and etiquette so that we can accomplish the business of the chapter. I assure that every member will be heard and that the majority will prevail.”

1.     Be proficient with parliamentary procedure.
2.     Rule on all questions of parliamentary conduct at chapter meetings.
3.     Serve as a participant or an ex-officio member of the parliamentary procedure team.
4.     Conduct parliamentary procedure workshops at the chapter level.
5.     Chair or serve as ex-officio member on the conduct of meetings committee.

“Tradition and history are a source of pride for our organization. It is my duty to maintain a record of chapter achievements and promote excellence highlighting activities, events and accomplishments so that our chapter membership is motivated by our past successes and looks to future achievements.”

1.     Develop and maintain a scrapbook of memorabilia in which to record the chapter's history
2.     Research and prepare items of significance of the chapter's history.
3.     Prepare displays of chapter activities and submit stories of former members to the media.
4.     Assist the reporter in providing photography for chapter needs.

“As the symbol of the cross signifies reverence and devotion, so I strive to keep such an attitude in our meetings. I am also in charge of the religious parts of all our meetings and ceremonies. Nothing could be fulfilled without the guidance of our Lord.”

1.     Present the invocation at banquets and other functions.
2.     Coordinate FFA participation at local area churches during National FFA Week.
3.     Conduct reflections services at summer camps and conferences.


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