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Career Development Events (CDE)

Career Development Events build on what is learned in agricultural classes and encourage members to put their knowledge into practice. These events are designed to help a member prepare for a career in agriculture by testing and challenging the student's technical, leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. CDEs answer the question, "When will I use this knowledge in the real world?"

Many CDEs are qualifying events for the National FFA CDE competition and/or offer scholarship opportunities.

List of CDE's: 




Students apply the fundamentals of entomology and develop skills in identifying common insects and their significance to people and agriculture.

There are three versions of the Entomology Drop Sheet available for you to download, please use the one that is most effective for your team.

Entomology ID lists can be found here: https://www.judgingcard.com/resources/list.aspx?list=ento

Entomology Resources: https://www.texasffa.org/cde-entomology 






Metamorphosis Cheat Sheet Hanna Eiland 2/10/2021 360 KB
Example Pictures PP Hanna Eiland 2/10/2021 20582 KB
2022 Entomology ID List Hanna Eiland 1/27/2022 138 KB
Texas Entomology Question Bank Hanna Eiland 1/27/2022 212 KB
Entomology Test Answer Key Hanna Eiland 2/25/2022 212 KB



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